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April 2005

In the News:

Tut Not Murdered? - Last month Zahi Hawass, Egypt's top archaeologist, announced that results of a computer tomography (CT) scan of King's Tut's remains did not support the idea that he had been killed by a blow to the back of the head. The scan also indicated that he did not suffer a sever injury to the chest either, a theory advanced by some archeologists. What the scan did find, according to Hawass, was that the King had suffered a fracture to the left thighbone within a few days of his death. While such an injury would normally not be fatal, if it were accompanied by a break in the skin, an infection might have set in with terminal results.

The team that examined the remains pointed out that the leg fraction might also have been done accidentally by the embalmers after death. If so, Tut's demise at such a young age still remains a mystery. In the end, even murder cannot not be completely ruled out if the King were done in by poison.

Massive Cosmic Explosion - A

St. Paul's Last Resting Place Found? - T

Frozen Sea Found on Mars - M

Building a Better Bipedal Robot - S


What's New at the Museum:

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Ask the Curator:

Mystery Spots - I saw a show about strange science and on this show they briefly mentioned a cabin where bottles roll up hill and water runs up. I am looking for more information on this cabin, I believe they said it was in Oregon but I am not certain.- Anonymous



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Strange Cloud - A


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Mercury Again - If



Nessie Jr. Raids Fish Farm - A


On the Tube:

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Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real - Enter an ancient world where fire-breathing dragons take to the skies as the mightiest predators to have ever existed. Vivid computer animation brings the mythical sun dragon, Chinese dragon, and medieval dragon to life during the time of the dinosaurs. On Animal Planet. Mar 20 @ 08:00 PM, Mar 20 @ 10:00 PM, Mar 21 @ 12:00 AM, Mar 26 @ 08:00 PM, Mar 26 @ 11:00 PM, Mar 27 @ 05:00 PM .

NOVA:The Wave That Shook the World - Experts reconstruct the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in an effort to prepare for the next big one. On PBS. March 29 at 8 pm

The Dinosaur Babies: North America Story - Explore Choteau, Montana: one of the best places in the world to find dinosaur babies. Paleontologists examine this perfect dinosaur nesting ground, where questions are answered about the parental roles of dinosaurs and how they cared for their young. On the Science Channel: Feb 28 @ 08:00 PM, Feb 28 @ 11:00 PM, Mar 01 @ 04:00 AM, Mar 01 @ 07:00 AM, Mar 01 @ 12:00 PM, Mar 01 @ 03:00 PM ET.

Extreme Machines: Raiders of the Deep - Investigate technology that allows scientists and engineers to explore the last frontier on Earth, the deep ocean. Remote operated vehicles reveal new species and ancient wrecks that have rested undisturbed on the sea floor for centuries. On the Science Channel: Mar 02 @ 10:00 PM, Mar 03 @ 01:00 AM, Mar 03 @ 06:00 AM, Mar 03 @ 09:00 AM, Mar 03 @ 02:00 PM, Mar 03 @ 05:00 PM ; ET.

Unfolding Universe- A team of astronomers and scientists try to pinpoint the location of a strange presence hidden deep in the core of the galaxy. What they find in this mysterious realm harbors clues to the origin of the world and a future course to the galaxy and universe. On Science Channel: Mar 08 @ 10:00 PM, Mar 09 @ 01:00 AM, Mar 09 @ 06:00 AM, Mar 09 @ 09:00 AM, Mar 09 @ 02:00 PM, Mar 09 @ 05:00 PM ; ET.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome - Recreate these spectacular, awe-inspiring monuments. The men who envisioned the Pantheon, the Aqueducts of Rome, the Via Appia, the Baths of Caracalla, Trajan's Markets, Circus Maximus and the Colosseum created the epitome of human achievement. On The Science Channel: Mar 14 @ 09:00 PM, Mar 15 @ 12:00 AM, Mar 15 @ 05:00 AM, Mar 15 @ 08:00 AM, Mar 15 @ 01:00 PM, Mar 15 @ 04:00 PM ET/PT.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Egypt - The ancient Egyptians showed the world how boundless ambition and vast quantities of human labor could transform rock and stone into the most incredible monuments ever created. Meet the pharaohs, engineers and laborers who built the wonders of Egypt. On Science Channel: Mar 21 @ 09:00 PM, Mar 22 @ 12:00 AM, Mar 22 @ 05:00 AM, Mar 22 @ 08:00 AM, Mar 22 @ 01:00 PM, Mar 22 @ 04:00 PM ET/PT.

Dead Men's Secrets: Escape from Hitler's Bunker. - As Soviet tanks roared through Berlin, a few of the world's most hated men cowered in a bunker under the Reich Chancellery. Göring and Himmler fled Berlin, but were caught and later committed suicide. Göbbels and his wife killed their five children in the bunker before taking cyanide pills. Hitler and Eva Braun also took the coward's way out. But what about party secretary Martin Bormann and Gestapo Chief Heinrich Müller? Did they survive the hunt for Nazi war criminals? On History Channel: Friday, March 11 @ 6pm ET/PT.



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